Wix.com Template Tips for Newbies

Wix.com Template Tips for Newbies

Choosing Wix.com to be your website builder is a good idea especially for the newbies. It is because it offers simple and easy way to create a website. As the newbies, you should collect more information about how to create an attractive web design. One of some ways to make it true is by designing your Wix.com template. There are bunch of the template choices that you can find on the Wix.com’s website. For more Wix.com template tips, you can check them out below.

Looking for Inspiration from the Other Website

To start creating a Wix.com template for your website, you can look for the inspiration first. There are many websites which use Wix.com as their website builder. It is not a matter for you if you look for inspiration from the other website. For the newbies, it must be difficult to start designing their website display. That is why looking for inspiration will help you to create your own design.

Choose the Category

The second tips you need to do is choosing the category of Wix.com template. There will be many categories that you can find on the Wix.com’s website. The categories have a relation with your goal in creating a website. If you want to use your website for business, you can choose business category. While if you focus on the other purposes such as travel,  food, health or the others, you can choose a relatable category.

Use Blank Template for Customization

If you have difficulties in creating a Wix.com template according to the the category they offer, you can use blank template for customization. When you open Wix.com’s website, click blank template at the top left of the website. After that, there will be choices for some Wix.com template such as classic layout, minimal layout, gallery layout, and others. Choose one Wix.com template which would suit your ability in customization.