Web Freelancing – 3 Things to Be Cautious of Before Becoming Self-Employed

Web Freelancing – 3 Things to Be Cautious of Before Becoming Self-Employed

Freelancing is one of the simplest and quickest ways to become self-employed. It can be a great opportunity for a web developer to strike out on his or her own. Often, the income is even better than having to work for someone else. However, there are many things to be weary of before taking the plunge.

Income is not study – Typically, your income will not be study. Your paychecks will come from various sources and at different times throughout the month. You will even come across the occasional client who refuses to pay you on time or at all. This can be a cause of stress for someone who likes a study income. Keep this in mind and always have a back-up plan, extra savings, and multiple streams of income for a rainy day.

Picky clients – Unless you are lucky to have easy going clients, you are most likely going to deal with clients who want quick turn-arounds or want numerous revisions on your projects. If you are not already experienced with nit-picky clients from your current or previous job, you are in for a surprise. Keeping clients happy is a job in itself and the constant revisions can become irritating very quickly.

Boredom – I’m sure that there are many web developers who absolutely love what they do. Yet, for many, doing the same type of work you were doing at a 9 to 5 can be just as boring. While you have more freedom than before, it doesn’t create much more satisfaction in terms of work.

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Being a freelance web developer does have its perks. You can set your own schedule, you can choose your clients, and you can set your own rates. However, the above are definitely things to keep in mind before taking the leap into self-employment.

I also recommend having multiple streams of income and I feel network marketing makes a great part-time option that can be fun and lucrative. As a web developer, you already have the skills to market another business on the side. It is something to keep in mind.