Top 4 Books for Learning iPhone and iPad Web Development

Top 4 Books for Learning iPhone and iPad Web Development

The skyrocketing popularity of the iPad and iPhone apps has highlighted the importance of developing applications and websites for Apple devices. Numerous native iPhone and iPad apps have found their way to the App Store, but there aren’t many web apps or websites that are exclusively designed for the Apple devices.

iPhone and iPad web application development is getting bigger with time, and more and more businesses are willing to develop exclusive website for Apple devices. This situation presents an opportunity o web designer and developers: they can upgrade their skills and learn how to developer web apps and design website for the iPhone and iPad. The following are the best books for those who want to learn iPhone and iPad web development.

1. Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps: Scripting with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

This book will help you enter the world of iPhone and iPad web application development without needing to learn Cocoa Touch APIs or Objective C. It will teach you how to use Webkit, HTML and other tools and technologies to build and deploy iPad apps. While this book doesn’t offer much to beginners, it is perfect for web designers and developers who want to use their knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to develop effective web apps for iPad. It has the power to turn good programmers into expert iPad web app developers.

2. iPhone & iPad Web Design (for) Dummies

This is an eminently accessible book, and perusing it will benefit professional designers as well as newbies. If you are building a website for the iPad or the iPhone and new to find a way in which you can add interactive to the pages, this is the book for you. It shows how you can use HTML, JQuery and CSS3 to build interactive websites loaded with multimedia to provide a rich and entertaining mobile experience.

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3. Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS: Web Standards-based Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

If you are building an iPad or iPhone web app these days, this book will make things easier for you. This book will explore the new HTML5 features, and it will show you how they can be exploited to build powerful web apps for iOS. It also provides an overview of JavaScript framework. It shows how you can integrate with different mobile services, and it also show how to test and optimize your web app. While this book can prove to be a little difficult for newbies, it is perfect for web developers who want to turn into expert iPad web developers.

4. Pro iOS Web Design and Development: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with Safari

This is the best book on iPhone and iPad web application development. It is also teaches how to build design websites that work well on diverse Apple devices. It talks about all the steps towards developing web apps, and it also shows how you can manage the iPhone and iPad web application development project. Not only does it show how to develop optimal websites for Apple devices, but it also shows the importance of doing so.