How to Make Your Website Successful

How to Make Your Website Successful

First of all, we need to decide what the traits are of a successful website. Different people may have different ways of evaluating the success of a website, but, here, we will discuss some common factors that, once combined, can make your website an unstoppable cash pulling machine.


Now, the first question that you need to ask yourself is whether your website is making you the amount of money you desire or not. If yes, then you are doing well. If not, then you need to analyze your conversion rate first and see how much traffic is converting and how much traffic is running away without spending any time on your website. If your bounce rate is really high then it means you need to improve the layout or content of your website. After making changes and continuously monitoring the progress, you will know which layout is best for your website to convert visitors.


Now, to some people, traffic is the main concern. To them, you should talk about sales later, and first you should talk about how much traffic you are managing to drive to your website. Even when it comes to traffic, there are people with different views that how much traffic is good and how much is not good. I tell you, you should decide how much traffic you should get after analyzing your keywords. Many people will say that you should at least get 20,000 visitors everyday. Some will say that you should at least get 1 million visitors every month. Well, don’t take these numbers seriously. First do proper keyword research and then analyze how much traffic you can realistically bring to your website.

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To judge the credibility of a website, a lot of people like to read the testimonials of your previous clients. Hence, to make your website successful, you need to have a section on your website with testimonials from your clients. To look credible and trustworthy, mention the URLs of your clients as well to enable your potential customers to contact them for feedback about your services. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Always publish honest testimonials on your website. A lot of websites craft their own testimonials. This is unethical. We should always be honest and sincere with our target market.

Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 is the choice of online business owners nowadays. Gone are the days when you had small and unreadable fonts on your website with dull and unprofessional images. Today, website owners and visitors want easily readable content with high quality graphics. So, to make your website successful, you must ensure that you stick with Web 2.0.


The tips mentioned are above are powerful and effective and turn your slow and unprofessional website into a money maker. Don’t take these tips lightly. If you act upon them, you will soon notice an increase in your traffic and sales and you will also notice that people tend to spend more time on your website than before.