How to Make Responsive to Mobile Web Design?

How to Make Responsive to Mobile Web Design?

The use of mobile devices is increasing day by day. Whether it’s Android or iPhone. Both of these are very important for everything. For website owners, for example, they certainly have the desire to make responsive to mobile web design. This greatly affects the satisfaction of people who want to see your website. Therefore, special tricks are needed to make it easy to see on mobile.

Think about What are most Likely to be Looking for

The first thing to make responsive to mobile web design is to find information that is sought after. As we have discussed, if people have taken the time to look at your website, this means they are interested. To make it faster to find people, choose potential keywords that will direct people to your website. Or for more useful, you can add answer and question. So, if there are people who experience some problems, they can easily find the answers.

No need to Add Flash

The second point how to make responsive to mobile web design is no need flash. Remember that your focus is to make your site run smoothly and faster. You need to know that Flash is not preferable by SEO. This is because it can make the site runs slowly at the time you open it. Even for some cases, this makes many browsers not function at all. So, do you still want to challenge yourself with adding flash on your website?

Pay Attention to the Button Size

Still related to the minimizing the space, you should pay attention to the button size. Off course it’s different between laptop and smartphone. Browsing a site through laptop will create a better experience because the display can be seen clearly. While for the smartphone, it will become bit difficult since the screen is not as wide as laptop. Therefore, you can choose the right button size. Make sure if you click with your fingers it can be done easily. Don’t let visitors get frustrated because your website isn’t responsive. You can do a trial first if you want to apply this idea. In addition, you can also add switch features for the desktop and cellular versions. For those who are not comfortable with one version, they can easily move easily.

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Compress Image that Takes up a Lot of Space

Besides focusing on the button size, there is also images that can take up a lot of space. Images and CSS can cause your website to be less mobile friendly. Enough space is very influential whether or not the website can be opened. You can still resolve this problem by compressing images. But this is not the end of all. It’s because even if you get everything right. The mobile version might be different in the future. Therefore, keep learning and observing every change. Make sure that the mobile version of your website is working well. Don’t let your site abandoned and working less optimally. This will make the potential of the website has decreased its function.