How to Have An Effective Website Design

How to Have An Effective Website Design

When it comes to effective web design it is important to research websites that have similar content as your website does. It is usually the websites that are at the top of the search engines that you should be looking at as your best examples.

Launching your business online

When you are launching your business online do not forget about the basics of business planning. All of what you have learned in business 101 applies to your online business. So it is in your best interest to plan your business effectively before investing thousands of dollars launching a website.

Make your Website Photos Attractive

When designing your website make sure the photos of the people using your product or services and the product it self is attractive. This is when that artistry of the business comes in. If you or someone you hire is a graphic artist, please design some banners and logos that are simple catchy and new.

Create an Attractive or Catchy slogan

When posting your products in ad’s and directories use popular and catch slogan’s that will attract people to view your ad. It is nothing like have the most popular slogan or quote headlining your product because it is a certain familiarity. You should always research the slogan’s that you are adding to you ad through Google and yahoo before posting your ad. So that enough top sites are using a similar quote as you are.

Colors are very important in Web Design

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Your website colors should be inviting and should fit the mode of the product or service. For instance if you offer message therapy services on your site you should pick colors that are light soft and calm, because your services is about relaxation.

Be careful of putting to much information

While it is important to give your customers a clear explanation on your product or service, it can work against you to add to much detail. When someone is buying a product or service they are looking for the pricing, what deal are they getting, and brief description of your product. If they would like to know more about the product or service, you can have a link to more info or have them contact you for further detail depending on what your product or service is.

Basic Marketing Strategies

Though it is the year 2009 nothing has really change in the last 50 years in marketing strategy, it’s the technological tools in which to market has changed. Everyone agrees that the more people see ad’s about your product the more likely people will check your product out, and hopefully it is good enough that people will by it. The same applies to you internet business.

The key is where do you post your ad’s, how often and how much it cost. Well that answer it is quite simple but please put in hard work. Make sure your product is unique with in it’s industry, and that enough people are generally interested in buy your product or services. Then design and place ad’s of your product or service in listings that are relative to your product or service. Find the most popular listings like, yahoo, google, and msn, to place your website in. Then the use directories such as will list your site and slogan/ description according to relevant categories.