Does Shared Hosting Allow for Multiple WordPress Sites?

You have had a WordPress site up and running for several years now. You are so happy with its performance that you are now considering starting a second site. You’re wondering whether your shared web hosting plan will allow for multiple WordPress sites under the same account. In a word, yes.
There is nothing technical within the shared hosting environment that would prevent you from creating multiple sites under a single plan. So if a web hosting company restricts users to a single site, such a restriction would be a company policy more than anything else. Technically speaking, you can place as many WordPress sites as will fit in the space allotted you.
So how do you do it? There are three options:
1. Use Subdomains
A practice that is quite popular these days is using subdomains. You can create a subdomain underneath your primary domain, then install a new instance of WordPress under that subdomain. It is pretty easy to do if you can use the control panel supplied with your web hosting account.
Let’s say your primary domain is A subdomain under your primary would look something like: You can create that subdomain from your control panel with a few clicks. Doing so should automatically generate a folder in your public HTML directory. You can then install WordPress to that directory. Typing the subdomain into your browser would take you to your new WordPress installation.
2. Use Addon Domains
Subdomains are used mainly to create distinct sections of a website under the user’s primary domain. If you are looking to establish a new WordPress site under an entirely separate domain, the solution is to use an addon domain . An addon domain is a completely separate domain that you would purchase through either your web hosting company or a third-party registrar.
Establishing an add-on domain under your hosting plan should generate a new folder inside your public HTML directory. Install your new WordPress site in that folder the same way you would with a subdomain. The main advantage here is keeping your new site completely separate from your primary domain. The main disadvantage is that you have to pay for new domain registration.
3. No Domain Install
The third and final way is to do a new installation without any domain at all. WordPress does not need a domain to complete installation. You could install word press on your own computer, without Internet access, if you wanted to. All WordPress requires is a folder to place files into. That’s it.
To do this, you would use your web hosting account’s control panel and its associated file manager to create a new folder in your public HTML directory. Then just install WordPress to that directory. Let’s just say you named the directory MyNewDirectory.
Following installation, the URL for your new WordPress site would be All the site’s internal links would follow the same URL structure.
Yes, you can install multiple WordPress sites under a single web hosting plan as long as your service provider allows it. There is nothing technical that would prevent you from doing so.

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