Best PHP Frameworks

Best PHP Frameworks

Everything starts with a small need, and that need eventually leads to bigger and bigger innovations, and same happened with PHP in last few years. After the era of recessions and job cuts PHP emerged as a better options for web development company. It has been improved a lot and now comes with greater and greater options that anyone can even think of few years back. PHP is a general purpose scripting language for generating dynamic websites. To achieve this PHP codes are embedded with HTMLs and processed by server to generate the web page document.

Now what happened in recent years is various coding structure and methods were evolved for PHP in the form of frameworks. These frameworks allow a PHP developer to write codes in certain fashion with ease and in much efficient manner. Today we have more than countable PHP frameworks but the useful and desirables are very few. Here is the list of best three PHP frameworks of all time

YII: Are you certain to develop a social networking website using PHP? If yes, you may not want to miss the king of the PHP frameworks “YII” framework. YII is meant and designed for Web2.0 based websites because if you download the framework, you will find best features of all time like MVC, Database Access object, DB migration, easiest ever form validation and input process, Ajax based widgets, built in authentication and authorization process, default support for web services, internationalization with i18n and localization with l10n, efficient error handling and top class security measures especially for SQL injection, CSRF and XSS. List never ends here and so does the number of websites developed on YII framework. It means you decided to develop social networking website, you will be using the YII for sure.

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CodeIgniter: Codeigniter is a PHP framework with smallest footprint, exactly suitable for developers or organizations who always seek a better, simple framework to code upon for websites development with tightest deadlines. Codeigniter is easy and ready to implement framework and in case you need help, it also comes with amazingly proper documentation which will allow you to understand all possible angles of development using this framework. Apart from easy usage a benefit, Codeigniter surely is a best suited for websites being developed for shared hosting environment. So if you need sleek, light and efficient framework, than this is the framework you have been finding for years.

CakePHP: “It is just the name” If you think that, than you are probable at wrong side of table because it is the easiest framework ever with excellent powerful functions and features. Starting from configuration, how easy it is, if you do not need to configure it, yes CakePHP developer does not need to configure it, just a few tweaks and work with your installed database and you are all set to start your development with its pre loaded libraries. Makers of CakePHP kept few essential things in their mind and they provided some powerful and most desirable development features as a default like security measures, authentication practices and above of all easy session handling. If you are going to hire PHP developer than you should go through their free Cookbook, Screencasts and even their cheatsheet to manage your developer efficiently. Truly speaking the way CakePHP has provided these resources it made it a best choice for rapid web development services.

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A�So next time you are planning to hire PHP development company, you may have better idea which one is the best fitting your need of PHP web development need.