5 Great Tips That Will Help You Select the Right Hosting Company for Your Website

5 Great Tips That Will Help You Select the Right Hosting Company for Your Website

Finding a hosting company for your website can be a challenge because there are an unbelievable number of companies available. As you can imagine the process can become overwhelming with so many choices. However, there are a few tips that you can follow that will make the selection a bit easier. These five tips include: Consistency, Bandwidth/Disk Space, SSL, Email, and Expandability. Before you get to flabbergasted, let’s look at each item separately.

Consistency is enormously important. It encompasses everything from “how often does the hosting company experience server issues?” to “can you reach technical support at 2 am?” These are components that should not be overlooked. If the hosting company has a history of server issues, this means that your website will not be available to potential visitors or customers. You will be paying for a service and losing money at the same time. You want technical support available when you need it, so the company should provide 24/7 support with a live individual. Finally, customer service should be impeccable. Customer service encompasses more than just how a problem is handled. It also includes items, such as control panels to make accessing your website’s information easier and a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

Bandwidth and Disk Space are vital to your websites success. The bandwidth is a limit that is placed on websites. It restricts the amount of information that can be uploaded or downloaded from your website. The best option for bandwidth is a hosting company that offers several plans so you can purchase the correct option for your needs. Likewise, disk space is the amount of room that is allocated on the hosting company’s servers for your website. If you have a simple website with only text, then you will require very little disk space. However, sites with a lot of video or a large catalog of products may require a significant amount of server space.

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SSL is the system used to secure information that is transmitted through your website. As you can imagine, SSL is a critical part of Internet security and helps customers feel comfortable submitting personal data on your site. Without SSL customer credit cards or email addresses could be vulnerable. If a customer’s credit card is compromised because of your site you could be held accountable, so taking all of the necessary security precautions is a crucial.

You want your company to look professional and have the ability to communicate with customers and visitors to your website. Therefore, email is indispensable for any business. The hosting company you elect should provide you with at least one but preferably more POP email accounts so you may correspond with individuals. The email account will use your domain name as part of the address, so it is more professional than using a generic email from Google, Yahoo, or Gmail. In addition, the hosting company should include an auto responder with the email account so individuals can receive an automatic response to inquiries on the website.

Finally, the hosting company should allow for expandability by offering several packages so that you can choose what you need now, but expand to a more powerful option as your company grows. Your expansion needs might include adding a shopping cart or just needing more email accounts or bandwidth. Regardless, you want to find a hosting company that offers the flexibility to purchase only what you need and the ability to add on as necessary. This is a more cost effective alternative for start-up websites or companies. By following these simple guidelines, you will have no problems finding a quality hosting company for your new website.